My original profession is electrician. He learned I was an electrician and immediately went to the Secondary School of Electrical Engineering in Czech Budejovice. After graduation , I gave the original profession. Thanks to this I have extensive experience in the installation and service of electrical and electronic equipment, services of electrical machinery, apparatus, control and regulatory elements. I performed the repair of low voltage electrical equipment, eg electric motors, power tools, household appliances, as well as consumer electronics. In the wide area, I knew all the washing machines, clothes dryers, rotary saws and domestic pumps. They carried me home irons, food processors, vacuum cleaners, radios, everything that had to do with electrical engineering. Later I tried the position of electromechanical telecommunications equipment and Mejak time spent on this activity assemblers, mainly in Slovak. In addition, I'm home built electronic circuits, because electronics for me was very appealing.

A fundamental change, however, came at the beginning of the 90s. In the course of study at Technical University, I watched an interested field, Information Technology. In 1991, I acquired my first computer, the AT 286 with an amazing one megabyte RAM and 40 MB disk space at a price comparable to politely used Skoda car. After graduation, I began to work as IT professional.

At the first, I taught at high school programming in Pascal, the predecessor of today's Delphi, and I acquainted the students with application on level at later MS Office. In 1995, I started the working distance of system analyst. This profession actually devote to this day. I went through the legal administration / Novell Netware 3/, banking branch /Open VMS/, a private software company /Windows, Oracle/ and 2 manufacturing plants /HP 3000, Widows Server, MS SQL, Oracle/. Now, I work independently on own business. In addition to this profession, I pay also Industrial Automation field /Siemens Simatic STEP7/ and my original profession, i.e. electrical engineering.